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Internship Placement Program (IPP) is a collaborative opportunity for employers to host a skilled worker in a twelve (12) week paid placement based on a schedule that accommodates both the intern and employer. Internships provide newcomers with the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities, network in their chosen profession and utilize occupation-specific language skills to gain professional Canadian work experience. Prior to an internship, the Internship Coordinator will work with each client to ensure they have met all eligibility requirements and are job-ready.

Strategic Transitions & Employment Partnerships (STEP) Career Training Placements is a collaborative opportunity where businesses host a skilled worker in an unpaid career placement for a minimum five week period. Employers gain access to skilled and motivated individuals who can address skill shortages while providing economic advantages to Newfoundland and Labrador. Newcomers are able to demonstrate their skills, knowledge and competencies, gain relevant experience, build networks and enhance their marketability.

Mentoring Link matches newcomers with volunteer mentors to support and guide them as they prepare to enter the labour market. Mentees have the opportunity to learn about the requirements for their field in Canada and gain the appreciation of their marketability from an employer’s perspective.

Business Development Support provides current information and practical advice for newcomer entrepreneurs interested in starting their own business in Newfoundland and Labrador. Individual support from the Entrepreneurial Coordinator and a resource kit has been developed to assist newcomers through developing their business plan. This program also links participants with networking opportunities within the business community and professional development organizations.