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Diversity Training

As part of our commitment to promote cross-cultural awareness and inclusion, the Association offers diversity training workshops to businesses, community organizations, schools, government departments, or other interested groups. The key goal of the Diversity Training Initiative is to increase cross-cultural awareness and understanding while promoting the importance of welcoming communities in attracting and retaining immigrants.


Since 2005, the Association has been delivering the diversity training program. The diversity workshops explore basic cultural sensitivity concepts; the immigrant experience; the stages of culture shock, stereotypes; discrimination and so on. Through interactive activities and discussions, participants explore issues that are relevant to their workplace or environment. To complement the workshop material, the Association also developed a series of modules that provide general information on immigration while also addressing issue of diversity in the workplace. In early 2008, the initiative was expanded to include two additional training modules for the project: Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces and Discrimination and Accommodation in the Workplace. These modules address themes and topics related to respect, inclusion, human rights, discrimination and accommodation in the workplace.


For more information, please download the Diversity brochure here.

For a copy of the Diversity Training Information sheet, please download the file here.