Temporary Foreign Workers

Are you a Temporary Foreign Worker?

Your rights as an employee in Newfoundland and Labrador are protected – by law.

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Work Permits

Temporary Foreign Workers have a closed work permit, which means they can only engage in work with the employer listed. A new work permit will be required in order to start working with a new employer.

Rights at Work

Employers are required to give access to emergency health care, information about your rights, present you with a signed copy of employment agreement, compensate for your work, and provide a safe workplace.

Employers cannot force workers to do unsafe work, work through illness, work overtime, withhold passport/work permit, deport employees, or demand reimbursement for recruitment fees.

Health and Safety

Employers cannot force employees to do work that is dangerous, or refuse to pay earned wages. Everyone has the right to refuse work that they are unequipped for or that they feel is dangerous.

Job Loss

Employers must give written notice of firing unless the employee:

  • Refuses to obey lawful instruction of the employer
  • Takes part in willful misconduct
  • Neglects duties that adversely affects the employer
  • Breaches a condition of the job contract
  • Has been employed for less than 3 months
  • Gets paid wages by the employer in lieu of notice

Housing Rights

Employees are not required to stay at employer accommodations. If you choose to stay in employer accommodations, you have the right to adequate housing/living conditions.

Discrimination & Harassment at Work

Employers must make reasonable efforts to provide a workplace that is free of harassment. Employers or anyone acting on behalf of employers cannot harass employees, in any form. Discrimination of all forms are prohibited under the Human Rights Act.