Resettlement Assistance Program

The ANC’s Resettlement Assistance Counsellors welcome Government-Assisted Refugees at the St. John’s International Airport and assist with immediate needs, such as:

  • Securing temporary accommodations
  • Securing their first home in Canada and helping with the preparations so they can move including help with furniture and supplies
  • Information about life in Canada, including about health care, government and community services, housing, public transportation, Canadian laws and norms,
  • Help with Banking and budgeting
  • Support with learning about Shopping
  • Assistance accessing health care
  • Help to access mandatory provincial and federal programs and services (e.g., MCP, Interim Federal Health, etc.)

In addition, Resettlement Assistance Counsellors work closely with landlords to help ensure access to affordable housing for for resettled refugees.

A Settlement Counselor will continue to provide Settlement Support until an immigrant acquires Canadian citizenship through ANC’s Settlement Services

Life Skills Program

The ANC’s Life Skills Program provides eligible newcomers with in-depth coaching to help them adjust to life in Canada, including help with:

  • Living in a house or apartment building (e.g., garbage disposal, recycling, elevators, safety, use of common areas, etc.)
  • Budgeting
  • Using appliances in a safe and appropriate manner
  • Laundry
  • Personal hygiene
  • Using domestic and personal cleaning products
  • Canadian plumbing and heating systems
  • Understanding products, packaging, and simple food preparation
  • Canadian cultural orientation/cultural norms

Orientations are tailored according to each person’s unique needs.

A detailed Life Skills Handbook is available in English, French, Arabic, Swahili, Tigrinya, Nepali, and Kirundi.