Agriculture Training Program

The ANC Agriculture Training Program offers opportunities for newcomers who have had previous experience in the industry to develop agricultural knowledge in order to improve opportunities for employment or entrepreneurship in the sector.

Topics such as understanding soil conditions, cold weather crops, working in a greenhouse or nursery, raising livestock, poultry and dairy are covered in the program. The 10 week program also includes an introduction to safety and working conditions in the Newfoundland and Labrador agriculture sector.

Once participants have completed the program, they are placed in worksites for a 3 week mentorship cycle followed by a 12 week paid internship. The program is offered on a four month schedule three times per year.

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For partnerships, contact:

Priyasakthi Muthukrishnan
Project Lead, Agriculture Training Program
Email: [email protected]

To apply to the program, contact:

Nataliya Boyko

Program Facilitator
Email: [email protected]