Interpretation and Translation Services

To ensure that newcomers receive consistent, accurate and culturally sensitive services, the Association provides translation and interpretation to support refugees and immigrants who require assistance during the early stages of settlement. Direct assistance with interpretation/translation and/or referrals to available community supports can be accessed by program participants through the Settlement team.

In addition, the ANC’s interpretation and translation services are available for hire by community and government service providers, as well as the general public and newcomers by contacting [email protected].

If you are interested in being a translator or interpreter, please download and complete a Translator Application linked below.

For more information, please contact (709) 722-9680 or [email protected]

Please find below some important information for those interested in working as a translator or interpreter for the Association for New Canadians:

General Conduct:

Translators and interpreters shall behave with courtesy, discretion, and provide high-quality services to assist the client requiring services.


Translators and interpreters shall only undertake work which they are competent to perform. If at any time while delivering services the translator/interpreter believes that she/he is unable to competently translate documents or interpret the content of the meeting/proceedings, she/he shall inform the service provider immediately.

Accuracy and Efficiency:

Translators and interpreters shall take all reasonable care to faithfully and accurately interpret or translate what is stated, with concern first for meaning and secondly for style, without any paraphrasing, omission, explanation, embellishment, giving of advice, or expressing of opinion, etc.

Impartiality/Avoidance of Conflict of Interest:

Translators and interpreters shall be objective and impartial at all times. They shall avoid any real, potential, or apparent conflict of interest in relation to any matter for which they are providing services. If she/he becomes aware of any conflict of interest in the course of providing translation/interpretation services, she/he shall immediately notify the service provider. (examples of a conflict of interest include but are not limited to the following situations: a) the client you are interpreting for is a member of a ethnic group which people from your ethnic group are currently in conflict with, b) you hold negative ideas about the persons’ background, c) either you or the client are uncomfortable with the other, d) you do not wish to communicate their opinion during the session, e) you or someone you know is in conflict with the client, etc)


Translators and interpreters shall keep confidential all information gained while providing services for all clients. They shall not under any circumstances, discuss, report on, or give an opinion to any person concerning any situation she/he has come to know about in the context of providing translation/interpretation services for clients. The content of any document, meeting or proceeding will not be discussed outside of that particular meeting or context.