Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) Supports

ANC offers the Inter-Cultural Training required of designated employers at no charge!

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Supports For Employers

The Association for New Canadians supports the long-term needs of employers and business owners participating in the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

To assist businesses interested in becoming designated employers under the AIP, or to assist those designated employers seeking to hire under the AIP, the Association provides the following supports:

  • Assisting employers in completing designation applications
  • Assisting employees in completing endorsement applications
  • Providing settlement supports to endorsed employees and their families
  • Providing employment and career services supports for endorsed employees’ family members
  • Assisting employees in completing Permanent Residence applications
  • Providing cultural competency training for employers
  • Providing workplace norms training for employees

These services are offered without cost to eligible permanent and temporary residents.

Supports For Employees

The Association for New Canadians works to support the long-term needs of endorsed employees and their families under the Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) by providing:

  • Information and orientations about life in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the local community
  • Needs assessments and referral services
  • Assistance in completing applications for mandatory Provincial and Federal Programs (such as MCP, SIN, etc.)
  • Assistance in enrolling your children in school
  • Access to English as a Second Language Training (e.g. on-site, distance, outreach, etc.)
  • Employment and career services for your family members
  • Access to social and volunteer opportunities in your community
  • Access to health supports (e.g. locating a pharmacist, family physician, etc.)
  • Assistance in completing Permanent Residence (PR) applications
  • Training in Canadian workplace norms

All services are provided without cost to eligible clients.


For more information, please contact:

St. John’s and the Avalon Region(709) 552-2262[email protected]
Western Region(709) 634-2656[email protected]
Central Region(709) 489-0235[email protected]
Gander(709) 651-6826[email protected]
Happy Valley-Goose Bay(709) 896-8787[email protected]
Southern Labrador(709) 931-2887[email protected]
Clarenville(709) 466-7772[email protected]
St. Anthony(709) 454-8406[email protected]
Labrador West(709) 944-7775[email protected]