International Student Services

The ANC offers programs and assistance for Temporary residents such as International Students and Work Permit Holders. Program/service eligibility is dependent on an individual’s Immigration Status. Programs and services include:

  • Settlement information and orientations about life in Canada
  • Needs assessments, referrals to both internal and external programs, and assistance with settlement planning
  • Application support for both provincial and federal programs, such as Canada Child Benefit (CCB), Medical Care Program (MCP), and Temporary status permit extensions.
  • ESL- English as a second Language programs which includes conducting assessments and referring to online and evening classes
  • Online Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) preparation course
  • Career services assists newcomers with regards to credential assessment, Pre-employment services and entrepreneurship support.

Temporary residents can also volunteer as part of our Community Connections. They can also take part and play a role in the ANC’s Diversity and Public Education programs and services. 

Online Immigrants’ Guide to Services and Resources in Newfoundland and Labrador

IRCC Resources

  1. Before You Arrive in Canada provides pre-arrival information for those immigrating to Canada.
  2. Your First Two Weeks in Canada provides immigrants with an overview of key information for their initial weeks in Canada (e.g., importance of obtaining a Social Insurance Number, contacting a local settlement organization, and finding employment).
  3. Settling in Canada provides information on services available to newcomers in various locations across Canada.