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Workshops and Presentations

The Association for New Canadians currently offers diversity training workshops to businesses, community organizations, schools, government departments and other interested groups. The key goal of the training is to increase cross-cultural awareness and understanding while promoting the importance of welcoming communities in attracting and retaining immigrants.

Workshops are offered in one hour, half day (3-4 hours) or full day (5-7 hours) sessions and content is developed and tailored to meet the unique needs of participants. In addition to general information presentations and customized workshops, the Association also offers two modules specific to the workplace:

• Respectful and Inclusive Workplaces
• Discrimination and Accommodation in the Workplace

These workshops utilize a variety of resources and media in an interactive format in order to engage participants and promote the benefits of living and working in a diverse environment.

Diversity in the Schools
This initiative is delivered in partnership with the Settlement Workers in the School (SWIS) program, and aims to increase cross cultural awareness and understanding in the schools through presentations that are targeted to specific grade levels.

Safe Harbours: Respect for All
The Association for New Canadians has partnered with the Affiliation of Multicultural Societies and Service Agencies (AMSSA) of British Columbia in order to deliver the Safe Harbours: Respect for All campaign in Newfoundland and Labrador. This initiative is designed to promote and facilitate the creation of inclusive workplace environments where employees, customers and clients of diverse backgrounds are respected and are safe from discrimination.


For more information on the Diversity Training Initiative, please contact the Diversity Coordinator at the following:


Phone: (709) 722-0718
Fax: (709) 754-4407
Email: diversity@nfld.net