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Pre-Employment Readiness Training

Career Essentials is an employment-readiness training program, incorporating one-on-one counselling and group seminars, to assist newcomers in preparing for the Canadian workplace. This program provides comprehensive instruction and information for AXIS clients regarding workplace orientation and essential skills. Topics include current labour market conditions, developing career action plans, preparing targeted resumes and cover letters, enhancing job search strategies, developing skills and techniques for various types of interviews as well as learning about workplace culture and health and safety.

Career Connections is a series of workshops which provides clients with detailed information and practical tools to help them make informed career decisions and to assist them in their job search. Job-ready newcomers who are interested in finding employment in their profession or a related occupation gain the skills to develop action plans, prepare resumes and cover letters, practice interview techniques, enhance their telephone communication skills, enhance their labour market and job search techniques and network/mentor with employers and key industry contacts.

Networks Job Start assists job seekers in their exploration of sustainable employment. Guided by a Job Coach, newcomers can access one-on-one support and scheduled group workshops which focus on developing resumes and cover letters, enhancing employability skills, raising motivational levels and developing job maintenance skills.

e-Employment Career Counselling (e-ECC) connects immigrants residing outside of the St. John’s Metro area with an e-Employment Counsellor at AXIS Career Services. This web-based model enables newcomers to access pathways to career/employment information and work opportunities in Newfoundland and Labrador and provides them with support and resources for successful labour market attachment. e-Employment Career Counselling occurs in a web-based environment with technical features and counselling techniques that support direct communication between the client and counsellor.

Occupation-Specific Language Training (OSLT) introduces newcomers to specific terminology related to their field of expertise and assists them in developing more precise communication skills for the workplace. OSLT recognizes the importance of continuous learning by helping clients meet occupational standards in both language and essential skill requirements using interactive listening activities and current case studies.

TOEFL Preparation Classes are offered by AXIS Career Services to assist clients in preparing for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL iBT) online exam. They will complete a six (6) week in-class component as well as a five (5) week self-directed study using onsite resources including a full services language lab and Resource Work Centre.

Portfolio Development is integrated into our suite of programs and services at no cost to AXIS clients. Compiling a portfolio is one significant way to document formal, informal and non-formal learning and to present it in a systematic format for the purpose of seeking academic credit fulfillment, a requirement of a training program or toward occupational certification and employment. AXIS has developed a resource guide and offers scheduled group seminars followed by individual counselling to assist newcomers through the portfolio development process.