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Additional Language Services

The Association also offers a number of programs for clients who are ineligible or unable to attend the LINC program during the day. These include:


Outreach Tutor Program
This program is designed to provide those eligible clients who reside outside the St. John’s region with programming that will help ensure they acquire strong, appropriate language skills to support their community integration and labour market attachment. As part of this program, one-on-one tutoring is offered in 10-week sessions for 5 hours per week, for a total of fifty (50) hours of tutoring. The instruction varies based on language and literacy level.

To apply for the Outreach Tutor Program, please fill out the Intake Form found here. If you have any questions about the Outreach Tutor Program, please call Jon at (709) 579-9172 or email research@nfld.net. 

Itinerant Program
This program provides language training to eligible newcomers who are unable to access such training due to issues related to waitlists, priority seats and childcare. As part of this program, the Itinerant Teacher provides weekly tutoring sessions based on the Canadian Language Benchmarks.

LINC Home Study (Distance)
This distance ESL program is offered to LINC-eligible newcomers who wish to improve their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English. This self-paced course of study follows the Canadian Language Benchmarks outcomes, and is offered via correspondence or online. All participants are provided with a weekly half-hour session with a TESL-certified instructor. For more information on the LINC Home Study Program, you can download the program brochure here.

ESL Evening Classes
The Association offers evening classes one evening per week to eligible newcomers. The goal is to help ensure that a broad array of newcomers acquire sound English language competencies required to support successful integration. These classes are offered every Tuesday, from 7-9 PM, at the ANC's ESL Training Centre in St. John's. The classes are available in 3 levels during the winter semester: Beginner/Intermediate, Advanced, and Pronunciation. For more information or to register, please contact us at (709) 726-6848.