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Eligibility, Assessment and Placement

To be eligible for the LINC program, participants must have Permanent Resident status in Canada or be an individual to whom Citizenship and Immigration Canada intends to grant Permanent Resident status. These services are provided free of charge to permanent residents. Other participants may be eligible with a valid Student Authorization from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Upon registration, learners are assessed based on the Canadian Language Benchmark Assessment (CLBA).

The ANC bases its assessment and placement of clients for Language Training on the Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA). This nationally standardized assessment tool ensures that clients are assessed and placed at appropriate levels, which reflect their language needs. All CLB Assessments are administered at the Adult ESL Training Center. Following the assessment process, learners are assigned to classes in one of eight levels: three foundation or Levels 1-5. Enrollment is on a continuous intake basis.