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Health and Wellness

Life Skills Program
The Life Skills Program aims to provide culturally appropriate and gender sensitive short term life skills support to newcomers who require additional assistance in adapting to everyday living in Canada. The program is delivered in group or individualized settings and is designed to reinforce information provided during orientation sessions.

Public Health Nurse
The Association has partnered with Eastern Health in order to provide the services of a Public Health Nurse on-site at the ESL Adult Training Centre. The program is delivered two days per week and has been instrumental in promoting healthy living among newcomer families. Information is provided on a variety of health related topics including infection control and communicable disease, nutrition, healthy eating, sexuality, feminine hygiene, menstruation, cervical screening and birth control.

Settlement Health Worker
In order to assist newly arrived refugees access and navigate the health care system, the Association offers the services of a Settlement Health Worker. This individual helps to provide the necessary supports to ensure that clients receive expert, acute, and preventive primary care. In addition, the Settlement Health Worker is responsible for liaising with representatives from the Gateway Project. This dedicated resource has been instrumental in promoting a healthier lifestyle among at-risk populations, helping to reduce inappropriate use of healthcare resources, especially Emergency Departments, as well as significantly enhancing the implementation of public health/preventative measures.

Health Fair
On an annual basis, the Association for New Canadians holds its Health Fair at the ESL Training Center. This event is designed is to enhance newcomers’ knowledge of wellness issues and resources in the community, to promote wellness, to encourage empowerment and ownership of wellness, and to inspire healthy lifestyle choices and good health practices among newcomers. Over the years, many health and community organizations have participated including, for example, the Smoker’s Help Line, the Diabetes Association, the Seniors Resource Centre, Daybreak Child and Family Centre, and Planned Parenthood. 

The MUN Medical Gateway Project
This project is a partnership between the Association for New Canadians and the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University. The purpose of the program is to train medical students in cross-cultural medicine and to engage them in community action while improving access to health care for new Canadians arriving in the province. Refugee clients agree to participate in a medical history interview conducted by first- and second-year medical students at the ESL Training Centre. The MUN Medical Gateway Project also matches clients with a family physician in St. John’s and their medical history is then forwarded to the client’s new family doctor. In addition, following client consent, the information gleaned from the interviews is used anonymously to improve the health outcomes for new Canadians.