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Settlement Services

Settlement, Orientation and Integration Programs
The Association has developed a number of programs, activities and initiatives designed to assist immigrants and refugees with their settlement and integration needs. These include:

Information, Referral and Orientation
As part of the initial settlement process, newcomers are provided with a wealth of information on the programs and services offered by the Association and other organizations, as well as orientation and referrals to a variety of topics ranging from banking, taxation, daycare, the provincial school system, shopping, and budgeting, to climate, clothing, food preparation, safety, law, and the roles and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. Over the next year, Settlement Counsellors reinforce this information in order to ensure that newcomers have the knowledge necessary to successfully integrate into Canadian society.

Settlement Social Worker
The Settlement Social Worker helps identify newcomers’ needs, determines how they should be addressed, and assists newcomers in accessing specialized services. In addition, the Settlement Social Worker provides mental health and adjustment support; information on parenting, youth and family issues; as well as workshops and support group sessions that cover a wide range of topics, including parenting in Canada, youth issues, family reunification, and smoking cessation.


For more information on Settlement, Orientation and Integration Programs and Services, please contact us at:

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