ANC Research Policy

The Association for New Canadians recognizes the value and importance of engaging in academic research with qualified individuals. All research undertaken internally or externally (i.e., in collaboration with post-secondary institutions) has, as its primary goal, a need to ensure that no harm shall come to participants (including clients, staff, and/or volunteers).

Given that collaboration is a guiding principle for the agency, the ANC strongly encourages researchers to engage the ANC as a collaborator and as an equal partner in the research process. Such collaboration would significantly increase the likelihood that the research request would be approved unconditionally.

For more information, or to submit a research proposal, e-mail the Research Committee.

In order to facilitate the research process, the ANC has implemented the following research policy:

  1. Any research requests communicated to any staff member shall be immediately forwarded to the Chair of the Research Committee (currently Senior Manager, Programs and Research) for a response.
  2. The Senior Manager shall indicate receipt of such request and communicate to the relevant staff member that the request will be handled from the Programs and Research office.
    • Staff members are to cease communication with the researcher unless explicitly directed by their Division Director upon recommendation of the Chair.
  3. In communicating with a researcher, and before any research involving ANC clients, staff, or volunteers commences, the Chair will request the following documents: copy of ethics certificate, copy of the approved research instrument, and a 1-2 page summary of the research.
    • If the project is for an undergraduate or graduate degree, the student submit a letter outlining the expected role of the ANC, the expectations placed upon any staff, how the research will address the goals of the organization, and how it will expand knowledge related to immigration provincially, regionally, nationally, or internationally.
  4. Once all documentation is received, the Chair will review the material and, if necessary, request clarification.
  5. Once the submission is complete, the Chair will convene the Research Committee to review the request. The Committee shall consist of the Chair, the relevant Division Director, and a staff member with lived immigrant experience (as appointed by the Executive Director).
    • Depending on the nature of the request, the Chair may seek the input and/or participation from an external researcher employed at a post-secondary
  6. The Committee shall review the request and make a decision on whether to approve the request, approve the request with conditions, or reject the request. The Committee (via the Chair) will make every effort to provide written or oral feedback on rejected proposals but is under no obligation to do so.
  7. The Chair shall communicate the decision to the researcher or student and their supervisor.
  8. The Chair shall make themselves available to provide guidance on the accepted research or should the researcher or student/supervisor wish to discuss the decision.
  9. The Chair, in collaboration with the Division Director, shall appoint a staff member to assist with the research should the need arise. The staff member will be provided with copies of all documentation and will be expected to report any violations of the conditions of the research immediately to their Division Director.
  10. The Chair shall be apprised of any violations and will immediately request a meeting with the researcher and/or student and their supervisor.
    • Depending on the severity of the allegation, the Chair has the power to suspend ANC involvement until the issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the Chair and/or Division Director.