Newspapers and Magazines

Reading newspapers and magazines can help you stay informed about events in the world, Canada, and here in NL. While much of this content can now be found online, some people still prefer reading it in print. In NL, you can get several local and national newspapers, as well as a variety of magazines.

Some of these newspapers and magazines you can buy in stores, some are free and can be picked up at certain public locations, some can be delivered or mailed to your home, and most can be accessed online.


Canada has two national daily newspapers:

The Telegram is the largest newspaper in Newfoundland and Labrador.


The Canadian magazine industry issues many weekly, biweekly, monthly and periodical publications. Magazines often focus on a particular topic, such as business, fashion, music, politics or sports.

Here are some NL and Atlantic Canadian magazines that may provide you with useful or entertaining information for your everyday life, and help you in further understanding of Atlantic Canadian culture:

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