Buying Food

Here are some important things for you to know about buying food in stores which sell food and food products in NL:

  • There is no sales tax on basic food items like milk or bread. Some food items that do have tax charged on them are candy, carbonated soft drinks (pop), prepared food (take-out), or food in a restaurant.
  • Convenience stores or ‘corner stores’ sell a variety of food products. They are open late and may be close to home, but their prices are usually higher than in larger food stores.
  • Larger supermarkets or grocery stores like Sobeys, Dominion/Loblaws, and Coleman’s, sell some international or ‘ethnic’ food products.
  • There is no bargaining when buying food in a grocery store.
  • Alcohol and tobacco products are not sold in grocery stores in NL.
  • Many communities have farmers’ markets and specialty stores that sell locally-produced foods. Most of these food products are fresh and seasonal.


Eating a balanced variety of foods is one of the best ways to protect and promote good health. Selecting nutritious and healthy food is important when buying groceries.

Health Canada has developed and made available numerous guides and other resources on this topic. These resources can help you establish a healthy diet, understand standardized Canadian nutrition labels, learn about food safety, and more.

Stores Offering International Food Products

Larger grocery stores usually carry some international food products. There are also specialized food stores and convenience stores offering products from specific world regions or countries, like Chinese or Middle Eastern.

Ask your fellow immigrants or settlement workers at the ANC — they may know if there is a nearby store carrying food from your country or region.

If there is a food product you would like to buy, and it is not available at your local grocery store, talk to the store or department manager – they may be able to order the product for you.

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