Temporary Housing

When you first arrive, you will likely have to stay somewhere temporarily while you are looking for an apartment or a house to rent or buy. There are different kinds of temporary housing available in NL.

Hotels, motels, cottages and B&Bs are often fully booked during the high tourist season in NL (July and August), and some of them are closed during winter months.

If you are not here yet and are thinking of moving to NL, it is a good idea to book your temporary accommodation before you arrive.

Here are some ideas on where you can look for temporary housing in NL. You should choose which one to pick based on your budget and personal needs:

  • Hotels or motels usually have basic rooms with a washroom, desk, and cable television. Hotels and motels generally rent on a daily basis, but sometimes you can negotiate a weekly price. Staying in a hotel or a motel tends to be more expensive because you usually cannot prepare your own food, and have to eat in restaurants.
  • Housekeeping units or cottages usually have fully equipped kitchens. They may have daily or weekly rates and generally are more expensive during the summer months.
  • Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs)are normally operated out of a large single-family home. You rent a private bedroom, with or without your own bathroom, with breakfast included. You usually have no access to kitchen facilities.
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland residences rent dormitory rooms to non-students, but those rooms are usually available only from May to August.
  • Campgrounds are usually open from May to September and are available to those who have tents, trailers, or recreation vehicles (RVs).
  • Shared accommodations are usually advertised in the newspapers or online by homeowners or tenants of apartments looking for people to share their home and housing expenses. You usually get a private bedroom and share the other living spaces, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

A convenient way to find temporary accommodations is online, using search engines, such as Tourism NL Accommodations Search, or Yellow Pages under ‘Hotels’, ‘Motels’, ‘Bed and Breakfasts’, or ‘Campgrounds’. You can also contact any of the NLVisitor Information Centres by telephone.

If you are in an emergency situation and found yourself homeless, contact us for help finding temporary shelter.