Buying Local

Buying local goods and services keeps money in our community and reduces the environmental impact of transportation of goods at great distances. You might get better, more personal service from local businesses.

They are likely to take more time to get to know their customers’ needs. Here are some ideas on how you can help your community by ‘buying local’:

  • Look at the product label to see where it was made – if possible, first choose items made in NL, then Atlantic Canada, then Canada, and if there are no local choices, and you really need or want the item, choose what is available. This especially applies to food. Local fresh seasonal food is also much healthier and better for you than processed food or that which travelled from another part of the world. Of course, if you are buying bananas, you don’t have a choice to buy local because they do not grow in NL, or even in Canada, but if you are buying potatoes, there is no reason to buy any other than those grown in the Province.
  • Be informed of what products are manufactured in NL. While farming and fishing are the main industries along with tourism, there are some things besides food that are manufactured here.
  • Whenever possible, buy from small businesses, rather than large retail chains. Sometimes things might be slightly more expensive, but if you can afford to pay a bit extra, it is helpful for your community if you support local small businesses. When you buy from large retailers, much of the money you pay usually leaves the Province and is spent elsewhere.
  • When shopping for gifts for friends or family, consider buying something produced on the Island. You might be surprised when you look at your options — it could be anything from a jar of jam to a painting by a local artist.

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